alison has been printing textiles for over 40 years since graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts from Seven Hills College of Art, Brisbane, Queensland in 1976. During the 1980s Alison had numerous exhibitions of her distinctive Wall Pieces depicting Australian birds which evolved into the much sought after current range of designs on T-shirts and soft furnishings, which she now produces with assistance from her husband, Max.

max has 17 years experience working closely with Australian animals and birds as a zookeeper. In 1989 he left Taronga Zoo to follow a passion for horticulture, now specialising in Australian native plants. His subsequent hands-on knowledge of Australian flora and fauna brings integrity and an emphasis on scientific accuracy to the work.


 A distinctive feature of many of our T-shirt designs is the use of a different but related image on the back of the shirt. This enables us to create a bigger visual picture of the life cycle, behaviour or appearance of each bird, animal or plant.  This, of course, requires double designing and extra printing but we think it is worth it.

The endangered ‘Gouldian Finches’ design requires up to ten colour overlays to create the front image and nearly as many again on the back.

 clover We use as many colours and transparencies as necessary to produce a realistic image and all our inks are meticulously mixed by us to be correct and true to the subject matter.

clover Other designs draw on Alison’s careful draftsmanship to depict the subject with accuracy using only one or two colours.

clover Only top quality 100% cotton is used for our clothing range.

clover All our products are cold machine washable.

clover  For all these reasons, our work is extremely popular and sought after as a quality product designed to last.