I will be absent from my workshop from December 10th to 15th. I have been invited to join the weeding group that regularly attacks weed spread on beautiful Gabo Island just offshore from Mallacoota. The photo above was taken from our veranda looking across Mallacoota Inlet to Gabo Island in the distance. You can just see the pink granite lighthouse (second tallest in Australia at 47 metres) on the far right tip of the island. We mainly work in that area eliminating Mirror Bush (Coprosma repens) deeply rooted in the pink granite boulders around the lighouse and along the coast.

It’s a difficult time to be away from orders and pre-Christmas buying but, well, I couldn’t say no! The prospect of working amidst beautiful pink granite boulders, seal colonies and saltspray off the wild Tasman Sea was impossible to refuse.

Therefore, to ensure prompt delivery in time for Christmas, it would to beneficial to order before Dec 8th. Having said that, I will hit the ground running upon my return and Express Post to get Christmas orders out on time.

As a nod to Christmas, I have reduced the price of the entire Adult Long Sleeved T-shirts range to the same as short sleeved i.e. from $55 to $49.95.

Warm regards
Alison ­čÖé