Through Covid and rolling lockdowns, I’ve been head down, printing. There are more new designs lurking but ‘Royal Spoonbill’ is the first one I’ve been able to resolve, print and stock.

New designs are very labour intensive. I’m thinking maybe I should just put myself in voluntary design boot-camp lockdown to get more done!

Time for some new colours! I have had Maroon, Silver Grey and Pale Peach specially dyed. Most of my colours are dyed to match colour samples I provide to the fabric manufacturer, which is why they are unique to my range.
The designs below are now on these new colours (Palm Cockatoo and Cicada Flower on maroon; Dragonfly on pale peach and Superb Blue Wren on silver grey …and of course, the new design, Royal Spoonbill) all available in Adult’s and Ladies Fitted styles.
NEW DESIGN  ‘Royal Spoonbill’:
Watching the large flock of Royal Spoonbills feeding in the inlet below me has inspired this new design. They use their amazingly adapted spoon-shaped bills to sift and filter the shallow waters for fish, aquatic insects, crustaceans, molluscs and some plant material. Watching them feed is mesmerising but so too is the eccentric wind swept plumes of the breeding males – like some fabulous feathered headdress. I adore the little patch of curved yellow above the eyes, the red eye and matching flick of red at the top of the head.
There are 2 colourways – Silver Grey and Jungle Green – each with a slightly different configuration of the design.
The Silver Grey background colour is one of the new colours specially dyed by my Melbourne fabric supplier. That back design of the male Spoonbill shouted out to be featured on a darker colour so I’ve created a slightly different version on Jungle Green. Clicking on the images below will take you directly to the ADULT T-SHIRTS page where they appear and the LADIES FITTED T-SHIRTS page.
My Table Runners sell well in our local art gallery – Mallacoota Art Space – so I’ve been encouraged to expand the range of designs and also supply hanging rods. This enables the buyer to hang them as a long, slender Rod Hanging instead of using as a Table Runner, if they prefer.
When you buy one in the Shopping Cart, you’ll be asked if you want your Runner supplied with or without hanging rods.
When Covid arrived and we all went into lockdown, I gathered all my remnant fabric to make masks for my local community as there weren’t any reuseable ones available. Eventually the local sewing group organised to make masks using donated fabric so I gave them fabric and returned to printing. I have since made more but this time for my regular website go-ers. There is a small selection now on my website on Page 1 of Adult T-shirts.
Don’t forget to check out the Specials page as I add discontinued designs throughout the year.
Warm regards
Alison 🙂