Leaving Hunter Valley in 2017 with inks in tow

A New Colour Design to celebrate 3 years in Mallacoota – a great move both personally and workwise.
The photo above was us preparing to head out of Wallaby Gully 3 years ago today – June 19 – to a new start in Mallacoota.  Some new customers have only known me as a Mallacoota local but I worked for 25+ wonderful years in the big red shed in Wallaby Gully in the Hunter Valley. It was three times the space but I have easily adapted to my smaller studio space here and happily producing the same amount of work.

There is a fabulous Mallacoota local who only wears black. He loves my designs and enthusiastically encouraged me to try the Wedge-tailed Eagle design on black. So I did…and here it is.

Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax)

 Wedge-tailed Eagle is still also available on light brown, the original colour.

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Cheers everyone,